Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bellevue Bead Festival

This will be my first year to try this show. It's November 20th and 21st at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA. Not sure what booth # yet, but hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NW Bead Society Bazaar

Come see us this weekend (October 2-3) at the Northwest Bead Society Bazaar. This year the bazaar is at the Embassy Suites in Lynnwood, WA. We'll be open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. See for more information, including vendors, classes, and directions (it's easy to get to).

Friday, April 30, 2010

Going to Bali

Yes, I'm going AGAIN! It's a job after all. But the commute is a b----! I'll try to post at least a few times so stay tuned.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Since several of you asked I thought this would be a good place to try to explain Nyepi (nyeh pee), Balinese New Year.

Nyepi is one of the few Balinese holidays that happens on an annual basis - Western annual that is. The Balinese festivals are usually on a 210 day cycle or multiple years. The Balinese "year" is more than a little complicated.

Although Nyepi is theoretically on one day, there are a number of cermonies on other days, the actual schedule being dependent on the village.

I'm most familiar with Nyepi in Jimbaran in South Bali so I'll describe it. About three days before Nyepi Day is Melasti. The icons of the gods are taken to the village temple from various houses in the village. Then everyone, dressed in their finest, processes to the nearby beach for a purification ceremony. Once purified, the icons are returned to the village temple.

The day before Nyepi families visit the village temple with offerings and for prayers. At the end of the temple time, the icons of the gods return to the family compounds where they reside until the next Nyepi.

That night ogoh-ogoh's are paraded through the village. All hand made and some absolutely huge, they are the designer's concept of an evil spirit. Many are very elaborate and may have lights and music. After the parade they may be taken to the ocean and dumped into the water, they may be burned, or they may sit by the side of the road until they fall apart.

On Nyepi Day, at sunrise, all activity stops. There are no vehicles on the roads, all the lights are off, there is no cooking, smoking, drinking, etc (but I'll be there are a bunch of new babies 9 months later!). The idea is to meditate on the year past and on the upcoming year, thinking about how one can become a better person.

Even the international airport closes to all flights, except emergencies. The airport is one of the few places where there are a few lights. Tourists are confined to hotel grounds. Lights can be turned on in rooms once the drapes are closed. Food is available and the limited staff are non-Hindus.

At sunrise the next morning, things return to "normal" and generally the day is one of visiting families. I've experienced Nyepi three times, and it's always a a great experience - my favorite Balinese holiday.

Search for Nyepi and ogoh-ogoh on the net to see photos. I'm being lazy and not getting mine out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

San Francisco Bead and Design Show

Can't believe it's been this long since I blogged! An interesting year to say the least.

Wally and I leave tomorrow noon to fly Virgin America to San Francisco (now our favorite airline although routes are limited - fortunately to where we need to go). I'll be participating in the first San Francisco Bead and Design Show. It's Friday through Sunday at the Whitcomb Hotel at 1321 Market, right at the Civic Center Bart Station downtown San Francisco. See for details.

The hotel looks amazing. It withstood the early 1900's SF earthquake and was the city hall for a while. Wish we were staying there but it work better for us to stay in Millbrae near the Bart station there. I take the Bart into town and Wally goes to see his daughter and family in San Mateo. Besides it has free parking and breakfast.

More about the show: The sponsor is Garan-Beadagio. Anna and her daughters sponsor To Bead True Blue and the Tucson Bead Show in Tucson. We've participated in that for about four years. She also does twice yearly shows in Pasadena. Haven't gotten to do that one yet. May next summer. Her shows feature small dealers with unique items - not your big impersonal show.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Etsy Supply Street Team Weekend Extravaganza

Time for another ESST Weekend Extravaganza. I'm offering free shipping on all orders to everywhere today and tomorrow - August 1 and 2. For more info on all the great deals, see our team blog:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy Week

Where did this week go? Got pallets packed to go to the LA Gift Show - picked up yesterday afternoon. I'm not going to the show. My sales rep will handle it. Part of a Fair Trade Federation section. Will be interesting to see how we do.

Had to trade a day at Laughing Lotus so we could get that done so will be driving to Tacoma both today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is Art on the Ave so there will be three of us there. The streets are closed and artists booth go down the middle. The businesses do sidewalk sales so got to get new stuff down there, too.

Better get to gettin' - it's an hour drive.